Trust issues? 60 percent of women regularly check their partner’s phone

A British survey of 3,000 women between the ages of 18 and 45 has revealed that, as technology grows, perhaps so does our distrust of our loved ones.

Six out of every 10 women regularly check their significant other’s phone for racy messages, inappropriate emails and overly flirty comments on social networking sites.

One in 20 have actually caught their partner sexting or sending/receiving inappropriate photos.  Look out, Tiger Woods.  (Does this mean one in 20 people sext outside the relationship?  Or does this mean only five percent get caught doing it?)

And this is particularly interesting – one in six women have gone so far as to test their relationship by creating a fake account, messaging their significant other and setting them up in a “honeytrap.”  In other words, if given the opportunity to cheat, would they?

Is sexting cheating?  Is flirting online wrong?  I’ve known guys who would say anything goes, as long as you don’t physically cheat – they think there’s nothing wrong with asking another girl for naked pictures.  However, 90 percent of women don’t think it’s “just harmless fun” and eight out of 10 girls would break up with their partner if they caught them sending inappropriate messages to a rival.

Some more interesting results of the survey:

  • Half of women know their partner’s email and Facebook passwords
  • 10 percent have hacked their partner’s email and Facebook
  • Two-fifths of women don’t even feel guilty about checking the other’s phone regularly
  • 28 percent ask about phone calls from unknown numbers
  • 38 percent snoop around their partner’s computer every chance they get
  • One in five question it when they see a text with a kissy-face :-*
  • 45 percent would watch a conversation to see how it plays out before saying anything

Do you check your significant other’s phone?  How often?  Would you go so far to create a fake account and start messaging them, testing to see if they would actually cheat?