My 10 Favorite Blog Posts I Wrote in 2010

In September, I changed careers, giving me the unique opportunity to share stories with the world on three sites, and here are my 10 favorite posts that I wrote this year:

1. Lady PropaGaga Conspiracy Theory (
Lady Gaga is part of a massive Illuminati conspiracy, infecting the world through subliminal messages in pop music? So crazy, it could be true.

2. Netflix needs to offer subtitles on instant titles for deaf and hard-of-hearing (
When I broke my leg in October, I was stuck on a couch for almost two months. Needless to say I watched a lot of movies, but I was very disappointed to discover Netflix doesn’t let me watch movies the way I want to — with captions.

3. Festivus begins with the airing of grievances in Central New York (
A semi-serious look at a fake holiday, replete with links to serious stories CNYers had a right to actually be upset about.

4. Corresponding with Christina Hendricks (
I don’t watch “Mad Men,” but I enjoy looking at Christina Hendricks. She wrote a letter to all men, and I wrote one back.

5. Happy 25th Anniversary, Calvin and Hobbes! (
In November, my favorite comic strip celebrated the 25th anniversary of its first print. I celebrated appropriately, despite not being able to find my transmogrifier.

6. Are you normal about your ex? Mine invited me to her wedding. (
This one got an interesting reaction from ex-girlfriends. It’s nice to know some of them were/are still following/stalking me.

7. What type of profile picture is most attractive to other people? 8 tips to maximize your sexy (
I love lists, and I especially get a kick out of filling them with interesting, semi-relevant statistics.

8. How to stop iPhone, Android from transmitting personal data to outside parties (
Is it scary to know AT&T and Verizon are telling advertisers what you’re doing? Who else knows? Would you use your smartphone differently if everything you did was sent to your mother, too?

9. Getting married? 5 tips for picking your wedding music (from a DJ). (
Weddings can be awkward, and there’s nothing more awkward than bad music.

10. 395 photos that prove cell phones take good pictures (
I wrote this after I got an iPhone and fell in love with the quality of its camera. I don’t even use a digital camera anymore.

Honorable mention:
Vote: New Gap logo – do you like it? (
I get a kick out of how non-newsworthy items sometimes make the most newsworthy stories. Note: This was actually originally #10 on the list because I had two #5’s and didn’t realize it. Thanks for noticing, Josh Shear, and warning me that I had gone to 11! #SpinalTapFTW…

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