Who’s most likely to cheat? 11 warning signs to watch out for

I read some interesting statistics over at TheDailyBeast. Here’s 11 warning signs that you (or your partner) might have an affair. You’re more likely to cheat if…

1. You’re a man.
Men are 7% more likely to cheat than women.

2. You’re unhappy.
Unhappy men are 13% more likely to cheat than happy men – 10% for women. If you or your spouse is miserable, then something’s wrong in the relationship whether you’re having an affair or not.

3. You don’t like to spend time with partner’s relatives.
Even if their family really IS crazy, you’re 24% more likely to cheat than if you do spend time with the in-laws.

4. You live in a large city.
Maybe it’s because everyone knows everyone in a small town, but big city people are 39% more likely to cheat than those in suburbs and rural areas.

5. You watch online porn.

Porn-watchers are 300% more likely to cheat. Interestingly enough, another study found that if you think about sex every day, you’re 22% more likely to cheat than those who think about it a few times per week. Who thinks about sex that little??

6. You spend less than 10% of time together.
If he works and you don’t, there’s at least a 10% chance you’ll cheat.

7. You married at 16.
The average age for getting married has grown over the years (a British study found the average woman gets married at 30 now), but you’re 400% more likely to be unfaithful if you marry at 16 than if you marry at 23 years old.

8. You live together before marriage.
There’s a 39% chance at least one of you will commit infidelity.

9. You have an identical twin who’s cheated.
If your twin cheats, you’re twice as likely to cheat than if your twin doesn’t. Plus, how many TV shows have we seen where someone falls in love with the wrong twin? Lesson: stay away from twins everywhere but your fantasies.

10. You never went to church.
Sinners are 250% more apt to have an affair than those regularly attending religious services.

11. You earn $75,000 or more per year.
Rich people are 150% more likely to be a cheater than those who make $30,000 or less – how do you think they got so rich? If your partner doesn’t have a college degree, you’re 3% more likely to cheat and, if you have a college degree (especially a master’s) you’re 175% more likely to look for love in other places.

So, overall, who’s most likely to cheat? Rich, young, unhappy, non-religious men with a master’s degree in large cities. Stay away from Dustin Moskovitz and Mark Zuckerberg.