Syracuse Tweetup on Friday, July 15 – who’s in?

Twttr, a LiveJournal-inspired micro-blogging project, was finished March 13, 2006. A week later, @jack had posted the first message: “just setting up my twttr.” It took a year just to get 20,000 users, but in 140 characters (or less) the site grew to be what is today the third-most popular social networking site in the world, with over 200 million accounts.

So let’s celebrate.

Twitter (as Twttr later became known) went public on July 15, 2006 — let’s celebrate that 5th anniversary with a Syracuse Tweetup on Friday, July 15th, 2011.

I (@deafgeoff) got this idea from @Mitch_M, who was complaining that Syracuse Tweetups have been less than awesome lately. We briefly tweeted ideas with some of the Syracuse Twitterati.

First, I think nametags with our Twitter names would be fun – I’ve been to too many tweetups where people are awkward about approaching others because we don’t recognize faces by avatars (the pictures are 10 years old, they’re Photoshopped, or they’re cartoons).

Two, I think we need an activity, or a goal. For example, maybe you’re required to meet at least one new person (and tweet them) and you have one hour to tweet five different people. (We’ll excuse the people without smartphones, but secretly chastise them…)

Three, we need a fun location. Where should we do it? Some suggestions I’ve heard: kickball at Onondaga Lake Park (with potluck food and BYOB), drinks at the new Benjamin’s at Franklin in Armory Square, karaoke at Singers in Solvay, meeting at a hotel bar/restaurant (such as @SYRDT) and others.

Any other ideas or input would be fantastic!

We’ve got over five months to plan a really fun Syracuse Tweetup, kids. Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Use hashtag #syrtweetup if we’re discussing on Twitter.

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