5 Predictions for the Black Eyed Peas #SuperBowl Halftime Show

I’m excited for the Super Bowl XLV halftime show for three reasons: Black. Eyed. Peas.

Black Eyed Peas are, like, so predictable... or are they?

First of all, Fergie’s existence in the group means this is the first halftime show for the Super Bowl with a female artist since Nipplegate 2004.

Second, also since Janet and Justin, this is the first halftime act under the age of 50 as networks played it safe the last six years: Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Prince, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and The Who. (The oldest Black Eyed Pea, apl.de.ap, is only 36.)

Third, as someone who’s seen BEP perform live, I can tell you that they are talented, energetic and fun performers.

So what can we expect at this year’s halftime show? Place your bets, people.

1. All four members will change outfits at least once during the show.
Slash and Usher are expected to perform, which means Fergie will do “Beautiful Dangerous” with the former Guns N Roses guitarist, and will.i.am will likely perform “OMG” with Usher. During those two songs, whoever’s not on stage has at least 3 minutes to do a quick change. I bet they’ll start out with matching futuristic-looking gear, and then finish the performance with fun individual outfits (Fergie will wear something mildly slutty, will.i.am will look like a British ambassador, Taboo will look like he stepped out of a Run DMC video, and apl.de.ap will dress trendy but athletic enough to still do backflips).

2. Setlist predictions (in this order)

– “Let’s Get It Started”
– “I’ve Got A Feeling”
– “Imma Be” + medley of “Meet Me Halfway”, “Rock That Body” and “Alive”
– “My Humps”
– Something old from the pre-Fergie days for hip-hop cred, and so she can change outfits
– “Beautiful Dangerous” (Fergie with Slash)
– “OMG” (will.i.am with Usher)
– “Boom Boom Pow”… the whole group comes back on
– “The Time (Dirty Bit)”… bonus points if Jennifer Grey comes on stage to dance

Screenshot from "The Time" music video.

3. There will be weird robots/digital stuff.
BEP loves that futuristic look. Maybe a mass of Daft Punk / Tron robots can come out, or a screen will switch their faces like in “The Time” music video. I’d love to see Fergie’s head on a robotic head/screen on top of will.i.am’s body again.

4. Product placement.
Last year, Wall Street Journal called them “the most corporate band in America.” I don’t want to call the Black Eyed Peas sellouts, because you can’t fault someone for wanting to sell albums and concert tickets. And clothing lines. And fragrance lines. And Blackberry phones, Samsung 3D TVs, iPad apps, Pepsi drinks, etc, etc… The only question is, what product(s) would it be, and how tastefully would they do it?

Justin Timberlake performing 'Where's The Love?' with The Black Peas at the Grammys in 2003.

5. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Justin Timberlake came out to perform “Where’s The Love?”
Not only is “Where’s The Love?” BEP’s first major hit, but this would bring a fantastic controversy to the performance. Black Eyed Peas is a safe act, they won’t expose anything or swear – Fergie does dress sexy, but they would never cross the line. However, if they brought Justin out, everyone would love it since a) everyone loves Justin and already forgot he was a party to Janet’s boob, and b) it’s a freakin’ great song.

If you’re the betting kind but don’t care much for the game, here are the dumbest things you can bet on for the Super Bowl, including how long Christina Aguilera will hold the note “brave” at the end of the National Anthem, who the Super Bowl MVP will thank first, and how many times the FOX commentators will mention Brett Favre (who isn’t playing today, and hasn’t played for Green Bay since the second/third time he said he was going to retire).

Oh yeah, and there’ll be a football game, too.

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