Rear View Girls – ‘butt cam’ catches people staring at girls’ bottoms

“I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave…” Yes, it’s true, some men do blatantly stare at girls’ rear ends while others are more subtle about it. Two girls thought it’d be fun to capture the ogling on video – and then upload it to YouTube, of course, where it’s gotten over 5.5 million hits in just a week.

The girls — Reanin Johannink and Jess Gurunathan — are both actresses from New Zealand who executed this experiment in the streets of Los Angeles. Some interesting people were caught looking, including women and one Jesus-looking dude:

Clever, if not unoriginal, concept. Or is it?

You can clearly see a hole in her jeans where an obtrusive camera is shoved in. Don't they realize most people were probably staring at that, not her actual butt?

Issue #1 – Paradox. These girls are clearly the types that crave attention (just look at their Facebook pictures), so it seems surprising they’d want to call people out for giving it to them.

Issue #2 – Falsehood. While they are not unattractive girls, their best “assets” are certainly not behind them, so I don’t think most people are staring at their rear ends. In fact, when they’re on escalators and people have a good amount of time to notice, it’s clear that people are staring at the huge hole in the back of her jeans and the obvious lumpy camera back there.

Also, the “Behind The Scenes” video shows the Rear View Girls setting up the camera with some mirror shots of her jeans, which clearly have a camera in it. I’m also willing to bet that they cut out a lot of shots of people actually asking “what is that in your pants?” or “honey, do you know that there’s a hole in your jeans?”

Prediction? These Auckland girls want to be on a U.S. reality show. And they’ll get it.

Update: After 7 million views in just 10 days on YouTube, the video was removed. Apparently it was an ad (without being an ad) for Levi’s Jeans, but the company was upset at the negative side of the controversy this video had sparked.