Fatboy Slim sings along with ‘Praise You’ – this video made me smile so much

I am a huge fan of Fatboy Slim, aka Norman Cook (aka The BPA, aka Beats International, aka Pizzaman, aka Freakpower, and so on…).

The 48-year-old musician has been somewhat reluctant to embrace social media, but he’s always open to trying new fun things. So when he was performing at Electro Venice Festival in June with Deadmau5, he asked if he could borrow the mouse-headed DJ’s helmet-strap camera. Fatboy put it on, and recorded himself kicking off his set with “Praise You,” even singing along (albeit not as well as the vocalist) with the record.

That’s the way music performances should be: fun, full of life, and a little ridiculous. This made me smile so hard, and I admit, when I’m DJing, I have trouble sometimes not getting caught up in the music and singing (or dancing) along.