Geoff ‘DeafGeoff’ Herbert

Geoff DeafGeoff Herbert

Hello, and welcome to the official homepage for Geoff ‘DeafGeoff’ Herbert!

I’m a New York Emmy Award-nominated Reporter and SEO Lead for and The Post-Standard newspaper in Syracuse, N.Y. I write about a wide range of topics, including entertainment news, as well as work in search engine optimization for Advance Media New York.

I’m also a wedding DJ in Syracuse and Upstate New York with a passion for fun music. With more than 20 years of experience, “DJ DeafGeoff” knows how to turn it up and make a party truly memorable.

As my nickname suggests, I am mostly deaf. I was born with a profound binaural hearing loss and hear about 10 percent as well as the average person. I wear hearing aids in both ears and, thanks to speech therapy and lipreading, people often forget I’m hard-of-hearing. (I also sometimes use my lipreading super power to share what Jim Boeheim says during Syracuse basketball games on Twitter @deafgeoff).

I’m also a freelance SEO consultant that can advise your company on improving your search engine rankings, and am available as a motivational speaker for corporate events, schools, disability groups and other special events.

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