In the News

The following are news stories, videos or other articles about Geoff ‘DeafGeoff’ Herbert or quoting/referencing him:

03.05.15 “Jim Boeheim May Not Watch His Mouth, but…” (New York Times)
11.11.14 “DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist invite you to throwback Tuesday” (Buffalo News)
08.29.14 “Alec Baldwin wants you to ‘solve this puzzle'” (Twitchy)
03.24.14 “DeafGeoff: The Unheard Story” (YouTube)
12.18.13 “‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ sequel producer still confident” (SlashFilm)
07.01.13 “Enjoy the Movies Again with New CC Glasses” (J. Waligora Audiology)
02.08.13 “#Lipreading Jim Boeheim: SU basketball gets even more fun” (
12.14.12 “Listening is more important than hearing” (TEDxBuffalo)
08.07.12 “NY Jets Cut Hayden Panettiere’s WR Boyfriend” (Bleacher Report)
08.03.11 “Feuds: Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris” (New York Times)
05.04.11 “SiriusXM satellite radio shuffles…” (
01.18.11 “Syracuse iSchool professor interviewed…” (
12.20.10 “Is your smartphone spying on you?” (The Week)
10.6.10 “Price Chopper’s visit draws attention” (
08.24.10 “Assault City RD closes out season” (
08.16.10 “Bout Recap: Quadfathers’ debut” (
06.22.10 “Roller Derby: ACRD vs Ithaca” (
04.30.10 “DeafGeoff speaks to students” (YouTube)
11.24.09 “How I use social media…” (
11.13.09 “Syracuse’s 40 Under 40” (CNY Biz Journal)
10.30.09 “Wait for ‘Wicked’ turns into a party” (
05.31.09 “DeafGeoff Camps Out for a Cause” (
10.20.08 “Roller girls rock the Palace” (CNY Eagle)
03.17.08 “Local DJ Personality Doesn’t…” (RTN 565.1)
03.01.08 “Board of Directors Elects 3 New Members” (WJPZ Alumni)
08.28.07 “Deaf Kid Tries To Become America’s Idol” (Ralphie.Aversa)
02.27.06 “Deaf Geoff” (Syracuse Post-Standard)
04.15.05 “Raising The Levels” (A SU Documentary)
09.13.04 “Hearing-impaired campus DJ has a passion for playing hits” (Daily Orange)