In the News

The following are news stories, videos or other articles about Geoff ‘DeafGeoff’ Herbert or quoting/referencing him:

03.02.20 “Geoff Herbert, others nominated for New York Emmy Award” (
03.05.15 “Jim Boeheim May Not Watch His Mouth, but…” (New York Times)
03.24.14 “DeafGeoff: The Unheard Story” (YouTube)
12.18.13 “‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ sequel producer still confident” (SlashFilm)
06.21.13 “Regal’s new closed-captioning glasses make movies enjoyable for deaf and hard-of-hearing” (
02.08.13 “#Lipreading Jim Boeheim: SU basketball gets even more fun” (
12.14.12 “Listening is more important than hearing” (TEDxBuffalo)
08.07.12 “NY Jets cut Hayden Panettiere’s WR boyfriend” (Bleacher Report)
08.03.11 “Feuds: Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris” (New York Times)
04.30.10 “DeafGeoff speaks to students” (YouTube)
11.13.09 “Syracuse’s 40 Under 40” (CNY Biz Journal)
10.30.09 “Wait for ‘Wicked’ turns into a party” (
05.31.09 “DeafGeoff Camps Out for a Cause” (
03.17.08 “Local DJ Personality Doesn’t…” (RTN 565.1)
02.27.06 “Deaf Geoff” (Syracuse Post-Standard)
04.15.05 “Raising The Levels” (A SU Documentary)
09.13.04 “Hearing-impaired campus DJ has a passion for playing hits” (Daily Orange)