2012’s Best Halloween costumes: ‘Say Anything,’ Ludacris, ‘Back to the Future,’ leg lamp and more

Here’s my take on the best Halloween costumes of 2012, from celebrities dressed as other famous characters to ordinary people with really clever outfits. Enjoy!

Lloyd Dobler from ‘Say Anything…’ [link]

'Say Anything' Halloween costume

‘Say Anything’ Halloween costume by Nikki S, featuring her baby as the boombox John Cusack holds over his head.

‘Back to the Future’: Baby Marty McFly [link]

‘Back to the Future’: Baby Marty McFly in a flying Delorean

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Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Yipes, Halloween is only four weeks away and I have no idea what to be this year.  Last year, I was Boogie Howser M.D. and the year before that I was Michael Phelps, but now I’m part of a couple and I’ve always thought it would be cute to be part of a “couple costume.”  I found a few great ideas from The Nest here and here:

Married With Children – Al & Peggy Bundy

Great idea, but you’d really need to make sure you’re going to a party where there’s ugly couches, wouldn’t you?

Pop Rocks & Soda

Or you could do Mentos & Soda, and put on a show!

Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack & Sally

Someone should totally do a version of Ben Folds’ “Zak & Sara” about Jack and Sally.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

“We decided to make inexpensive, easy costumes last year by being Peanut Butter and Jelly. We had bread on our backs made of felt, so when we hugged we made a sandwich!”

Those are all cute, but I don’t think any of them encapsulate me and @MissBrittz (although I do love the idea of being Al Bundy). Obviously, a costume has to represent you a little bit. If you don’t like Star Wars, then you wouldn’t dress up as Darth Vader, would you? And as a couple, I think the costume should represent what the couple’s into together.

Some other couple costume ideas that have crossed my mind:
– Jim & Pam Halpert (from “The Office”)
– Red Sox fan & Yankees fan (we could stage a huge, public fight)
– Pac Man & Ms. Pac-Man (“Act 2: They Meet”)
– Inception (is it your dream, or is it mine?)
– Woody & Bo Peep (Toy Story)
– Superman & Wonder Woman (I just want to see her in that oufit…)
– Peter Pan & Tinkerbell (or any Disney couple, really)
– The Dish & The Spoon
– Mario & Princess Daisy (or a group costume with Luigi, Bowser, etc!)
– Winnie The Pooh & Jar Of Honey
– Kanye West & Taylor Swift
– Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian
– “Glee” (group costume, anyone?)

Do you have a great couple costume idea?  Leave a comment!

‘Computer face’ is giving women wrinkles

I’ve heard all sorts of myths about how women can avoid or delay wrinkles by not smiling/laughing, wearing sunglasses as often as possible, not using straws… but this is a new one.  A leading cosmetic surgeon in London says women are starting to develop “computer face.”

According to the London Daily Mail, Dr. Michael Prager is warning against jobs where women spend long hours in front of a computer screen.  Apparently, it leads to saggy jowls, “turkey neck,” and deep wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes.  Collectively, the Botox specialist is calling this “computer face” and saying he sees this early signs of aging most in women who work in an office. 

Come on.

He’s trying to pad his wallet and convince more people to get plastic surgery.  Looking at a computer screen doesn’t give you turkey neck anymore than reading a book does or going for a walk.

He does, however, offer these suggestions to “save your skin”:
1. Take regular breaks away from your screen
2. Kiss the ceiling (puckering up & stretching your neck back will use muscles that would otherwise weaken and sag)
3. Regularly stretch your neck from left to right, and hold for several seconds
4. Raise your computer screen so you are not looking downwards at it

Interesting.  Do you believe it?