Photos from Syracuse Kickball #Tweetup2011!

On Saturday, July 16, 2011, Frank (@dagsly) and I (@deafgeoff) hosted a kickball tweetup at Onondaga Lake Park to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Twitter going public. Frank was the captain for “Team @Ev” and I was the captain for “Team @Biz,” and what ensued was an afternoon of nerdy fun, pseudo-athleticism, and delicious refreshments with new and old friends!

Mitch, who umpired the game, wrote a summary of the day’s events. It was a little ridiculous because most of us hadn’t played kickball since grade school, and the heat was rough, but we had fun. Team @Ev won fairly, 18-15, despite a controversial call in the bottom of the last inning. I threatened to go Ron Artest on Mitch, and he threw me out. (Not seriously.)

Most people brought refreshments, and we also enjoyed having cheerleaders in Sunny (she took most of the photos), Katie and “Little Man.” All in all, it was a great time.

Thank you to everyone who came to Syracuse Kickball #Tweetup2011:
Frank – @dagsly
Nicole – @nursebeaslee
Teri – @jivetalkinmama
Andrea – @YoDaCoolest
Tracy – @tracytilly
Mike – @FitSyracuse
Melissa – @ArmoryMassage
Geoff – @deafgeoff
Kevin – @syrdt
Jared – @jaredbrickman
Pat – @Pat_Gonzalez
Mel – @mellokittie
Sarah – @SarahTarq
Lorne – @zbdaddy
Ross – @rvstoltz
Alyssa – @AlyssaHenry
Mitch – @Mitch_M
Steve – @SteveBorek
Jen – @nonpareilscake
Sunny – @sunnyinsyracuse
Katie – @katiekrames
(If I missed someone, let me know!)

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