Radio Daze #2: DeafGeoff vs. The Speedo

For the first day of summer 2007, I celebrated by putting on a pair of Speedos and went around Central New York jumping in people’s pools for a radio stunt.  It was horrifying.  There’s a video.

Before you admire my cookie-dough-chiseled body, let me just say thank you to all the listeners who invited me to their houses and gave me permission to jump in their pools.  Heck, Allie and her friends even made a welcome sign for me!

On an editorial note, I’d like to say that no one should ever wear Speedos.  Ever.  Unless you’re a professional breast-stroker.  On the Olympic level, Speedos are okay.  But damn if they’re not the least attractive bathing suits known to man.  And uncomfortable – I haven’t worn tightie-whities in over 10 years, so this was particularly restrictive for me.  When I got out of the Speedos, it was like Kramer discovering what “free and easy” really meant.  Whew! 

Shannon herself had trouble looking at some of the pictures.  I guess my raw sexuality makes her uncomfortable…  Click here to watch on YouTube.

Spanks again to Ronnie for editing the video and Jon for taking pictures/video.  God knows it wasn’t easy to watch me in a Speedo. 

You’d think of all the things I’d do for Marty & Shannon, this would be the one I’d get arrested for, but it wasn’t.  I only ever got in trouble with the law once, but that was another day – another blog.